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Dome Observatory Assembly Information - ScopeDome Australia

In regard to assembly of the different dome solutions offered, each ScopeDome has a unique manual defining their assembly. For those seeking to make their dome either motorised or fully automated, there are additional guides on the installation of the motor systems and the automation systems. Additional information can be sort by calling or emailing us to help clarify any part of the process.

Over time, we will be making short videos on points off assembly and set up of the control system to help cover areas of set up and installation, so visually you can see what to do.

Below are links to the 3m, 4m and 5.5m dome observatory assembly manuals:

ScopeDome 3M ver. 3.0 assembly manual

ScopeDome 4M assembly manual ver. 1.0

ScopeDome 55M assembly manual ver. 1.1

A video has been placed below providing an overview to the assembly of the 3m dome observatory. This video last about 8 minutes providing an insight into the assembly rountine.

There are some other important considerations to examine when building your ScopeDome that are not always clearly defined or not included in these manuals as these topics are beyond the scope of the general assembly. These items will be mentioned below, and more items will be added to this list as new experiences of other peoples situations confront us, and we will share these topics here to hopefully help others in their quest of having their own dream dome.

Some topics that will be added shortly will cover topics of the below in nature:

  • Considerations in designing the concrete slab for your ScopeDome
  • Considerations in attaching your ScopeDome to a structure
  • How to set up the automation system for connection to your executive program

Over time this area will grow in accordance to peoples circumstances, and we will try to ensure adequate photos and where possible videos supports the text to make explanation as clear as possible.


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