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ScopeDome Rotary Drive - Ring Gear

ScopeDome offers a rotary drive system including a ring gear mechanism for their domes. Unlike frictional gear systems, this direct drive employs a cog-rim co-operating with a polyamide cogwheel. 

The most important advantages of this drive system:

- doubled rotation speed
- silent work
- improved durability and reliability of operation
- soft start
- simpler drive installment

The use of geared cogwheel enables double rotation speed. In addition, by applying the variable frequency drive, control of the rotary motor has been improved. On the one hand, soft start system enables high telescope position tracking accuracy. On the other hand, thanks to the twice faster full rotary speed, the dome executes long movements typically in half the time of friction systems. Full revolution of a dome lasts less then 2 minutes.

The variable frequency drive makes available a soft start function to the drive axis, which provides a gentle start to the dome movement with the clear benefit of reduced gear wear. Additionally a cog-rim / ring gear system allows for high precision positioning with the encoder (in full automation systems only) assembled directly as part of the motor drive mechanism. This furthermore simplifies assembly.

Precisely manufactured ring gear
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