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ScopeDome - Wind Tunnel Test

For those interested in the high wind performance of the ScopeDome series, a technical study into the performance of the design was carreid out at the Wind Engineering Laboratory of Cracow's University of Technology.

The tests were performed in a  wind  tunnel  with a working  section  of:  2.20m  (width),  1.40m (height), 10.00m (length). The safe working limits of the dome was technically estimated at 160km.

Measurements of performance

Formation of the mean wind velocity profile and atmospheric turbulence took place in the first part of the working section at the length of 6m by use of respective turbulence generators: barriers, spires and blocks of respective geometry and a mechanically controlled height. In the working section of the tunnel there is a round rotational table of 2m in diameter which makes possible the change of a wind inflow direction on the examined model. 

Decsription of the ScopeDome model

Model of the dome used in wind tunnel tests was made in a scale of 1:7.857. This unique scale was chosen because of both the basic dimensions of the wind tunnel working section and the sizes of available materials. Measuring points i.e. pressure taps were placed only on a half of whole model because of its symmetricalshape. Measuring points were situated in 6 rows. ScopeDome contains one window which makes possible to observe the sky. That is why one  of  model  segments  is  removable.  Investigations  were  performed  in  two  situations:  with closed window and with opened window.

ScopeDome Australia - Wind Test  ScopeDome Australia - Wind Test

For those interested in the full study and calculations, please download the PDF HERE

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