2-Metre ScopeDome Observatory Dome

The main advantages of 2M dome:

  • Simple and fast installation of the dome
  • Dome will be delivered to you assembled and tested, its installation does not require more work than a typical installation of the telescope,
  • The dome is ready for operation immediately after unpacking,
  • Motors and control card operate from 240VAC,
  • The ability to automatically open the shutter on any azimuth using the built-in power ring rotating mechanism (slip ring),
  • All the shutter rolls and rotating mechanism are hidden inside the dome to protect it from weather,
  • Tightness better then in larger domes, design and production in 3D and CNC technology allowed us to minimize the space between the rotating parts of the dome.

2-Metre ScopeDome Observatory Dome


Dome dimensions:
  • Diameter of the dome: ~2000 mm
  • Shutter width: ~590 mm
  • Dome height: ~1400 mm
  • Diameter of the base: ~1940 mm
  • Diameter of the outer base ring: ~1940 mm
  • Diameter of the inner base ring: ~1820 mm
  • Weight (with pallet): ~ 250 kg
   Height with dedicated tower:
  • Tower H80 : ~2340 mm

Note :  (~ denotes approximate) All dimensions are approximate for reference only


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