3-Metre ScopeDome Observatory Dome



When considering the 3m Scopedome observatory, these are some of the important innovations:

  • Full height door in the dome side panel to provide access at any rotation and when shutter is open, so you can enter during a session
  • Shutter and dome drive system providing smooth and quiet operation
  • Shutter power system allows the opening and closing of the shutter at any rotation [not requiring to be parked to close]
  • Shutter controller is wireless, so no umbilical cord to worry about, leaving a clean and free floor area
  • Plug and Play wiring system adapted to this dome – so you can be up and running quickly
  • Internal and an external temperature probe [one mounted on shutter gear box, the other inside the shutter control box enclosure]
  • Humidity sensor, so you can monitor your domes moisture level
  • Wide viewing aperture allows for large telescope observation
  • Both dome design and comprehensive instructions provide for an easy and fast installation
  • Beautiful aesthetics and finish not only result in an appealing look, but also a device specifically designed to protect your observational equipment from the most extreme elements
  • No flaps that protrude beyond the circumference of the dome.
  • High standards of materials, construction and workmanship, that will meet and surpass competing brand’s challenges
  • All our domes are initially assembled and tested at the factory, then dismantled and carefully prepared for transportation.
  • The 3m dome is of a size that typically does not require building permits (but please check this for location and situation – this is your responsibility).

This package consists of:

  • ScopeDome 3m V3 Dome
  • Door in side panel for easy access
  • Shutter motor: Yes [No encoder]
  • Dome rotation motor: Yes [with encoder]
  • Automation: Yes – Comprehensive Controller with wireless communication to shutter control – ASCOM Compliant


  • diameter of the dome: ~3000 mm
  • shutter width: ~1000 mm
  • dome height: ~2400 mm
  • diameter of the base: ~2760 mm
  • weight (with pallet): ~425 kg

Note :  (~ denotes approximate) All dimensions are approximate for reference only

OTA’s up to 17″ Comfortably

In this above example, a user has configured their system for complete autonomous, robotic, operation. The 12.5″ OTA is small in appearance to the overall dimensions of the 3m dome interior. Clean surroundings, no possibility for snagging of data or power cabling. Efficient layout of supporting equipment, providing the operator easy access to all areas without restriction.

Internal Space is Generous

Internal room for observing equipment from small refractors up to large reflectors is generous. You can layout your interior for remote operation, or for user occupying, where the user can enjoy being with their equipment as they observe.


The ScopeDome Wireless USB2 controller is designed to extensively control and monitor your observatory. It consists of four basic elements:

1. The main controller – which directly controls the rotary motion of the dome, up to x8 relays for power control, primary weather safety input, and more…
2. The shutter controller – mounted on the dome side wall, which controls the shutter movement and allows for secondary weather inputs
3. Optional wireless remote for convenient control of the movement of the dome when not following the movement of the telescope. This also allows control of the dome whilst outside the dome.
4. The control software for Windows (ScopeDome driver) that allows for extensive and intuitive set up and control of the dome behaviour and for the control of power to various other devices. ASCOM Compliant.

Importantly – we provide the control system with integrated plug and play wiring, specifically adapted to the 3m observatory control system. This allows you to conveniently connect and run the controller without knowledge of the electrical schematics, and without experience in these types of electrical installations. The plug and play wiring provides connection to the base features of the dome. note: the connection of optional items are to be completed by the customer.  This system is 240VAC and requires a licensed electrician to provide this supply.


In addition to the function of controlling the dome, the main controller has eight (8) control points [4 relays and 4 x AC switches – one AC is at the shutter controller] that allows for the control of powering of the observatory’s equipment such as the telescope, camera, lighting, ventilation, etc. The main controller can placed at the pier or the base of the rotating ring to allow for easy wiring to the telescope, or under the floor to devices located around the dome, or even outside the dome. The controller is equipped with the necessary inputs to indicate the current status of the dome and the input for encoders which measure the azimuth (to within 1cm of movement) and absolute position of the shutter (so you can open partially the shutter for ventilation).

The shutter communicates with the main controller via Wifi transmission, using the RS 485 interface. As power is continuously supplied to the shutter at any rotation through the structure of the dome, the shutter can be immediately closed at any rotation. There is no requirement to return to home position to connect to the power source for closing the shutter. Furthermore, there is no cord / umbilical hanging down from the shutter to the main controller. This leaves the observatory floor free for placing a table, chair or equipment throughout for your convenience.

Communication with the ScopeDome USB 2.0 controller with the telescope is achieved via ASCOM.


The ScopeDome controller is designed to work with selected weather stations and cloud sensors:

  • Boltwood Cloud Sensor
  • AAG CloudWeather
  • Heavy Weather Pro
  • CCTV ScopeDome Cloud Sensor


  • Control of rotary movement and measuring the azimuth angle of the dome via encoders.
  • Control of the shutter motor, providing information about its current mode [no encoder].
  • Power control up to eight devices of the observatory equipment [4 relays and 3 x AC switches on the main controller, 1 x AC switch on the shutter controller].
  • Emergency shutdown of the shutter in the case of power failure in the grid.
  • Emergency shutdown of the shutter in the case of battery power failure.
  • Emergency shutdown of the shutter in the case of bad weather conditions.
  • Emergency shutdown of the shutter in the case of loosing the connection with the control computer.
  • FindHome – searching for HomeSensor position.
  • Remembering the position of the dome after power off.
  • Supporting a range of rain/ cloud sensors.
  • Safe Observatory input to hardware blocking the action of motors.
  • ScopeAtHome input.
  • Displays basic information about the status of the observatory’s sensors.
  • Internal and external temperature monitoring, and measurement of humidity within the dome.
  • Measurement of current/ voltage of batteries, which supply the dome.
  • Firmware revision procedures allow for the updating of the controller without being physically present at the observatory.

Inclusive of temperature and humidity monitoring, you can either on site, or remotely, monitor the internal [when shutter is closed] or external [when shutter is open] temperature and the humidity within the dome. With that knowledge, you can then activate ventilation or dehumidifying systems via the control functions of the ScopeDome USB 2.0 controller.


The ScopeDome build provides a strong outer shell. The entry via the side door provide full height access, but also a substantial locking mechanism.

In regard to the shutter, its path is interlocked by the roller mechanisms that keep it aligned and suspended in position, with the movement of sliding open and closed being locked by the shutter gear drive motor.

The dome itself is secured to a slab [or structure], a regular fixing positions, that make allows for the solid fixing of the dome into position.

Lastly, the dome rotation point is also interlocked by the gear ring safety cover that ensures the dome section remains attached to the base rotation ring. The dome cannot be lifted off its position.

3-Metre ScopeDome Observatory Dome


3m Dome Observatory solutions, for home backyard observatories to professional level remote use. Large internal space for user free movement around their equipment, and for telescope apertures to 50cm and for long refractors of 200cm in length [including full equipment chain, rotator, focuser, camera, etc].

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