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The ScopeDome range of dome and clamshell observatory solutions is an evolving concept of a dozen professional company's research for the development of the finest dome/clamshell observatory solutions from 2m to 5.5m in diameter. A complete dome observatory solution under the one name that provides you your choice dome configuration for remote imaging, near earth object orbit tracking, or simply for use in your backyard. By including the ScopeDome USB 2.0 observatory control system, you not only control the functions of your domes movements, you also include a feature rich solution including 8 controllable relays, weather station connectivity, web cam monitoring, power monitoring, just to name a feature of the features - all under the ScopeDome OEM range.

NEW Clamshell 3m Observatory! 
The ScopeDome Clamshell 3m observatory will be coming available in December 2019.
Should you like to see this solution in person, please give us a call to make an appointment.

ScopeDome Australia keeps on hand the 3m Observatory range [plus supporting hardware and electronics] and Roll Off Roof installer kit in stock for prompt delivery times:

  1. 3m Dome Observatory with side entrance door, and full automation system [ASCOM compliant] - These beautifully constructed domes  are widely used around the world.
  2. 3m Clamshell Observatory, with receased hutch, side entry door and full automation system [ASCOM compliant] - Our latest development with three moving shells, provides operators the ability to implement large optics, all housed in an economically solution.
  3. Roll Off Roof Installer Kit [ASCOM Compliant] - Including the ScopeDome control system, motor / gearbox, drive axled and cog, open and close limit switches, and 1.8m lengths of cog rim that you can add together, cut to length, to customise the overall drive distance of your roof movement. This will come pre-wired, and ready to install to your roll off roof observatory. 

ScopeDome automation control systems are ScopeDome OEM products, and not third party solutions, providing customers a service from one hand - a complete solution. ScopeDome automation control systems provide comprehensive dome observatory control, set up, monitoring and safety protocols that you would expect, and possibly not expect with a range of peripheral control capabilities that extend your overall control beyond the dome to your other equipment, like telescope, mount, camera, lighting, flats panels, ventilation, humidity control, web camera monitoring, and more.

Scopedome observatory components

Our existing business structure is fully matured with warehousing, tool shop, and full national and international [for New Zealand] transport logistics for large/ heavy equipment. Our technical understanding of automate operation will provide those wanting to take the next step a helping hand and clear path to achieving a smooth and reliable observatory operation/ intergration.

Packing a Dome

3m Dome Observatory - Components are individually wrapped and placed within the smallest solution to save on freight costs.

Delivery Package

3m Dome Observatory Packaging - An example of a dome ready packed on its oversized pallet, being held together with heavy duty vinyl shrink wrap. 

Truck with crane service

An example of a dome ready for dispatch. Our preference - a special direct delivery service is used with crane that will unload your new dome to your building position.


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