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Dome Observatories For Sale | For Home or Remote Observatories | ScopeDome Australia

Dome Observatories For Sale

Home observatory dome for your backyard, or for serious remote imaging. Our dome observatories are for ground mounting or for mounting upon a structure.

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ScopeDome dome observatories are aimed at professional level use, so why not take this advantage for your home backyard observatory. See here what others have dome in setting up their ScopeDomes.

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All ScopeDome products are assembled and checked at the factory.  All components are carefully marked to assist you in the reassembly of the dome at your choice location.

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Dome Observatories from ScopeDome Australia

                                   What's New at ScopeDome Australia

Display Dome - Melbourne, Victoria

 Our demonstration 3m dome is now operational and available for inspection - if you are interested for a viewing, please call on 03 8752 2404.  For those not possible to visit, please see the below video for an inspection of this display:

The ScopeDome range of dome observatory solutions is a continually evolving concept of a dozen professional companies research for the development of the finest dome observatory solution from 3m to 5.5m in diameter.  A complete dome observatory solution under the one name that provides you your choice dome configuration being either manually operated, manually controlled motorized, to a fully automated observatory dome for remote imaging - even for in your home backyard. By including the ScopeDome USB 2.0 observatory control system, you not only control the functions of your domes movements, you also include a feature rich solution including 8 controllable relays, weather station connectivity, web cam monitoring, power monitoring, just to name a feature of the features - all under the ScopeDome OEM range!

Dome Observatory Supplier - ScopeDome Australia      Dome Observatory Control System - ScopeDome Australia

ScopeDome Australia will maintain stock of both manual to fully automated 3m formats, plus a range of ScopeDome electronics to supplement these domes [and that of the control of roll off roof observatories]. All spare parts and supporting electronics, gears, etc, will be maintained in Australian stock to bring to Australian and New Zealand customers the best support available to ensure you the best overall product available.

Our existing business structure is fully matured with warehousing, tool shop, and full national and international [for New Zealand] transport logistics of large/ heavy equipment. Our technical understanding in full automation astrophotography will provide those wanting to take the next step a helping hand and clear path to achieving a smooth and reliable dome observatory operation.

              3m Dome Observatory on roof -ScopeDome Australia  3m Dome Observatory on structure - ScopeDome Australia  Dome Observatory remote control - ScopeDome Australia

ScopeDome automation control systems are ScopeDome OEM products, and not third party solutions, providing customers a service from one hand a complete solution. ScopeDome automation control systems provide comprehensive dome observatory control,  set up, monitoring and safety protocols that you would expect, and possibly not expect with a range of peripheral control capabilities that extend your overall control beyond the dome to your other equipment, like telescope, mount, camera, lighting, flats panels, ventilation, humidity control, web camera monitoring, and more.

ASCOM Software Interface Examples for dome observatory - ScopeDome Australia    ASCOM Software Interface Examples for dome observatory - ScopeDome Australia  ASCOM Software Interface Examples for roll off roof observatory - ScopeDome Australia

In regard to general supply, customers can collect their ScopeDome from our Keysborough warehouse, or customers can coordinate with us their shipping needs and we will provide you the solution in accordance to your wishes.

ScopeDome Australia - dome observatory wrapped for delivery3m Dome Observatory wrapped ready for local delivery

We are delighted to have this opportunity to provide you one of the finest dome observatory solutions in the world, and to raise the bar on customer service for the supply of dome observatories to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Dome Observatory remote control - ScopeDome Australia 

We look forward to discussing your requirements soon.


Please go to our Product Page to see the range of ScopeDome observatories.

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